Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review - Polar Bear Coolers

I was introduced to Polar Bear Coolers through forum members at  Lots of glowing reviews.  When one became available with the GKF logo I pulled the trigger and bought a 12 pack.  I've used it not only to keep stuff cold while kayaking and in the car on trips but transporting hot dishes for pot luck suppers.  It's worked great!

Will it keep stuff cold very long?  Let me tell you how I used it this week.  Monday night I filled it with ice from the freezer.  Tuesday morning I slipped in some Gator Aid, water and Zone bars then took off for the Gulf.  The cooler traveled with me kayaking in the hot sun and provided ice cold drinks the whole time.  After I got home Tuesday evening I found it had gobs of ice left and the ice was mostly loose, not melted into large block.  I left it in the truck and it stayed there through all of Wednesday inside the hot truck sitting in the sun.  Outside temps were right around 100 F so inside the truck was well over that.  This Thursday morning I remembered the cooler, got it out of the truck and opened it.  No the ice wasn't still there but the water temp I measured with my fishing thermometer was 52 F.  Still cool after well over 48 hours in some brutal conditions!

I have found the 12 pack ideal for kayak fishing.  It fits perfectly behind the seat of my Ocean Kayak Tridents and Big Games.

Red 12 pack Polar Bear Cooler rides directly behind my seat
(Click to enlarge)

When PBC was having a buy one get one free sale awhile back I got two more, both 24 packs.  A red one I kept to go with my red 12 pack and a green one I gave away.

I really like the idea of a soft side cooler because it's easy to stuff into tight spaces.  The outside cover is tough and has held up well.  It has permanently attached hand straps with a removable shoulder strap..

On the down side because it has a zipper closure it will leak if turned upside down.  If it is full of water from melted ice it'll leak if laying on its side.  Otherwise, absolutely no problems with leaks.

Polar Bear cooler keeping things cool on a very hot day

I like this cooler.  I use it often.  I'm glad I bought it.

Here's the link - Polar Bear Coolers



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