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Lake Nichols - Pavo, GA - Brooks County

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Contact:  Lamar Nichols

Lake Nichols is located about 23-24 miles northeast of Thomasville, GA. off GA 122.  From Thomasville take GA 122 through Pavo.  Continue 5-6 miles and turn south on CR 274 (Tallokas Rd).  From I-75 one would take Exit 29 (GA 122) at Hahira and drive west 16 to 17 miles to CR 274 (Tallokas Rd).  Driving south on CR 274 about a mile or so you'll find  Nichols Lake on your right.  Easily seen from the road it's hard to miss. 

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The dam to form the lake was completed in the 1800's.  It was first called Adams's Mill Pond and later owned by someone named Melton. Since 1944 the lake has been owned by the Nichols family. 

In the 1950's the dam broke.  While the water was down it was cleared out, refilled and used for water skiing.  Later, they created some catfish ponds and raised catfish.  This continued for a few years until the plant buying the catfish flopped.  It finally ending up in its present state as a lake for fishing and duck hunting.  No longer used for raising catfish the old catfish ponds are great for bank fishing and are accessible by boat from the main lake, too.



- Lake March 1st through October 31st.  Otherwise, closed for duck hunting.
- Old catfish ponds April 15 through October 31st (protected for bass spawning)

- 6 AM - 9 PM (no fishing after dark which means these hours change as the days get shorter)

- Fishing from the bank is $4
- Kayak $4 if not fishing (bring a newbie let him learn how easy navigating a kayak is while you fish and show how easy is it to fish from one)
- To fish from a boat or kayak $6 per person.
- Renting one of their boats is $5 (includes paddle and PDF)

- Outboard motors at idle speed only.

Mr. Nichols has a nice little shed at the lake where he can take your cash.  There are drinks and snacks available but no bathroom facilities.

The Shack

You may find that launching a kayak will be easiest at the south end of the lake.  Just get back on the paved road and drive south about a quarter mile to the south boat ramp.  There is a gently sloping bank on both sides of the ramp that's ideal.

South boat ramp

No longer used to raise catfish the old catfish ponds are small enough to fish both sides from a boat if you prefer.  The picture below shows three of the ponds at their convergence.

Old catfish ponds

Another view of one of the ponds

More views of the main lake

 South ramp looking north toward the shack

Looking toward the west edge of the lake

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Current Georgia river levels: Real Time Georgia Streamflow
Solunar Tables for your zip code: HERE

Rigging your kayak: Captain Dick
Interactive map by Angling Technologies: HERE


Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing (you might need to be registered to view this one)



If you are a resident of Georgia and like to fish from a kayak I recommend becoming a supporting member of the Georgia Kayak Fishing Association located at


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